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DeLuca Manor's


Masquerade Ball

On october 26, 2013, I threw a Halloween party and themed it around a fake history. Check out the entire concept below!  



The "Story"



Abandoned. Have you ever been in an abandoned building? There's a feeling you get after making your first step through the half broken door. Emptiness. It's a somewhat unsettling feeling that envokes a fear in you. Even the most innocent of abandoned buildings creep people out. Pair that with a dark history, custom decor and a customized soundtrack and you have yourself one sick Halloween Party. DeLuca Manor was an event like no other. I transformed my entire house into an abandoned manse; complete with graffiti, newspaper in the windows and broken lawn ornaments. Gone are the days of conventional party streamers and balloons. Say hello to a new age of Event design. Say hello to DeLuca Manor.

DeLuca Manor was erected in 1845, sits atop an old cemetery built sometime in the early 1600's. It was built by a man named Mr. Henry DeLuca. Mr. DeLuca was usually referred to as Mad Henry since rumors went around claiming he tried restoring life to the foul corpses that lied in the cemetery. Mad Henry lived alone in this decrepit mansion for over 60 years until he died in 1910, where the house stood abandoned until 1915. From then, until the house was reclaimed by the city in 1942, DeLuca manor was home to some of the city's most rich and powerful; most notably being the latest owner, Charles Lindbergh. Rumor has it that on October 26, 1932, during his annual Halloween masquerade ball, Mad Henry rose from his grave and reeked havoc on the party goers. This created chaos; people cleared out the house so fast, anyone who happened to trip, was crushed to death. Mr. Lindbergh never did return to the house, of course, but remained the owner to make sure no one else witnessed the horror of Mad Henry. Then, coincidentally, on the 10th anniversary of his last masquerade ball, Lindbergh mysteriously vanished and the city reclaimed the house.

The Photos



The Sounds

Custom Soundtrack by Me

Soundtrack by the Entrance

Mad Henrys Chaos

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